Verification Videos – New Way To Show Your Followers “You’re Really You”

We’ve just added the ability for members to upload a verification video which will be displayed on the “About” section of their profiles.

This is totally separate from the SquarePeep age verification process, but it provides you with an added way to show to your followers that “you’re really you”.

Adding a video is totally optional, but if you choose to do so then we recommend you mention your SquarePeep username in the video as this not only lets people know your profile is official, it also prevents people from using your videos elsewhere.

Adding a video is really simple – just follow the steps below…

How To Add a Verification Video To SquarePeep?

The first thing you’ll need to do is login to your account & then from the top menu click “My Account” -> “Edit Profile” as shown below:

Verification Video Step 1

Once the page loads scroll down & you’ll see a section named “Verification Video” as shown below:

Verification Video Step 2

Simply click “Browse”, find the video you’d like to upload & then hit “Save Changes”.

The uploading process might take a little while depending on the size of the video but as soon as it’s done you’ll be given a notification to let you know & then the video will immediately go live on the “About” of your profile.

Once uploaded, if followers have any doubt about the authenticity of your profile they can simply check out your video. 🙂👍