Upcoming Enhancements At SquarePeep

This year at SquarePeep has been exceptionally busy, with our launch towards the beginning of the year & a growth spurt that we could have never have even imagined throughout the middle it’s safe to say that all hands have been on deck.

One of our core values is to continually innovate & launch new features to provide as great an experience as possible, which was obvious to see throughout the beginning/middle of the year.

Unfortunately though due to how quickly things began to grow we had to take a little attention off innovation as we channelled the majority our efforts into upgrading our infrastructure behind the scenes.

We know upgrading infrastructure behind the scenes isn’t as fun as releasing cool new features that you can play with, but it’s one of those jobs that has to be done, to keep things running smooth & to allow for continued growth as we move forward.

The good news though is that we DO have a lot of enhancements in the pipeline, some of which are pretty big & some of which are going to be our coolest yet. They will allow for more engagement, a more exciting experience, higher earnings & the ability to access funds faster & easier than ever before.

We can’t say exact dates as to when the changes will be rolled out, but we want you to know that we are working hard on them all the same & that we will be doing our best to push them out as soon as possible.

So in short, exciting times lie ahead & there’s more greatness to come. It’s been a fantastic journey so far & we’re thrilled about the direction that we’re headed.