New Privacy Settings: Hide Your Profile & Content From Feeds

Don’t want your content to be displayed to others in the main SquarePeep feeds?

No problem.

Don’t want your account to be recommended to others in the “Who To Follow” sections?

Again, no problem.

Thanks to the addition of our latest feature you can remove your content & profile from feeds (but let people access it directly via the sharing links) with just one click of a button.

All you need to do is login, head to “Account Settings” and toggle the setting shown below:

SquarePeep Privacy Setting

If you switch it off then your content will still be visible from your profile, but it’ll disappear from all of the feeds on the site – and your profile will also be prevented from being shown in the “Who To Follow” sections.

This means that if somebody purchases a square, you’ll still earn the money – but your photo won’t be shown to others in the trending feed.

Remember though – this doesn’t hide your profile completely, and it will still be accessible by people who have the link. Also if you happen to do something such as like somebody else’s content (or purchase a square) then they’ll be notified as normal & they too will be able to click through to your profile from the notification.

But if you’d like to create a profile on SquarePeep & want to keep it on the low, then that’s exactly what this new feature helps you to do. 🙂