Easter Weekend Update – New Twitter Integration & Free Credits Giveaway!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at SquarePeep & just in time to put the good in Good Friday we’ve not only launched a new cool Twitter feature but we’ve also given away thousands upon thousands of free credits to all of our members 🙂

So first thing’s first…

The New Twitter Feature

A couple of weeks back we launched the addition of a “login or sign up via Twitter” button to the SquarePeep homepage which meant new visitors could link their Twitter account & use that to login or create an account with the click of a button…

But whilst that was all fair & well for new members, existing members still had to do things the old way…

The good news though is that they don’t any more as yesterday we rolled out our Twitter integration feature for existing members as well – so if you’d like to “auto-tweet” your posts you can now connect your Twitter & do exactly that. 🙂

How To Connect Your Twitter & Enable Auto-Tweeting

Getting things setup for auto-tweeting (which we highly recommend enabling!) is super easy. All you need to do is login to your account using your existing username & password & then visit the “Account Settings” page from the “My Account” menu panel.

On this page you’ll see a section titled “Enable auto-tweeting for posts” (as shown below) and there are just 2 things you need to do.

Enable Auto Tweeting

The first thing you’ll need to do is click on the “Connect Twitter account” link & login using the Twitter account of your choosing.

Then, once you’ve done that you’ll just need to make sure that the slider to the right is green (which means auto-tweeting is enabled).

If it’s already green then you’ll be good to go without doing anything, but if it’s not then simply slide it across to turn it on & then scroll down to the bottom & hit the big “Save Settings” button.

From there onwards when you publish a new photo or video to SquarePeep we’ll automatically tweet a link to it to your Twitter profile for all of your followers to see (to help increase your sales).

But… you must make sure you’re logged into SquarePeep via Twitter for this to happen. If you decide to login via using your username & password instead then posts you publish won’t be auto-tweeted.

Oh & if any time you decide you want to disconnect your Twitter account, no problem – just head back to “Account Settings” & hit “Disconnect Twitter account“… It’s as easy as that. 🙂

Now Onto The Free Credits Giveaway

Yup, free credits… That’s exactly what we gave away on Good Friday – 10 of them to be precise, to EVERY single existing member.

This gives people who’ve not yet deposited chance to try out SquarePeep & it goes those who’ve already deposited the opportunity to make some extra purchases totally free of charge.

Plus once spent all of the credits can be turned into withdrawable cash which means there’s never been a better time to share your content (and of course our auto-tweeting feature that we just discussed above came in timely to help you out).

So… We recommend you go connect your Twitter, enable auto-tweeting, add some new content to SquarePeep & share it in as many places as possible… You’ll definitely want to make the most of all of these free credits floating around ready to spent. 🙂🤑

And stay tuned because we’ve got some other great updates coming soon as well 👀

Happy SquarePeeping & a happy Easter weekend! 😁