New: Boost Your Profile To Get More Likes, More Followers & Maybe More Money!

We know we know, it’s like we’re constantly coming up with cool new ideas here at SquarePeep… 😉

And the latest one is the “Boost Profile” feature… Which you should definitely be excited about!


Well because the Boost Profile feature enables you to get your profile listed in one of the most prominent locations on SquarePeep – alongside almost ALL of the feeds & pages… For an entire month!

That’s right… Spare just 20 credits & you’ll get featured in the SquarePeep VIP section just like this:

Boosted Profile Example
Boosted Profile Example

Which means more clicks, more likes, more followers & potentially more square sales!

So How Exactly Does It Work?

Simple – providing you’ve got yourself a verified account & have 20 credits, all you need to do is click “Earnings” -> “Boost Profile” & you’ll be taken to the page containing the magical boost button.

From the moment you hit the button your boost will begin & it will run for an entire month…

But what if other people boost their profiles at the same time?

Don’t worry it’s no big deal – all of the boosted profiles simply rotate within the SquarePeep VIP section… So if 5 people have boosted then their profiles get shown equally to all of the visitors on SquarePeep.

The first time you load the newsfeed you might see John’s profile in the VIP section… The next time you load it you might see Lucy’s…

Make sense?

Well whether it does or doesn’t, all you really need to know is that the Boost Profile feature makes your life a lot easier. Rather than tirelessly promoting your profile on 3rd party platforms in an attempt to attract fans & followers all you need to do is throw 20 credits at it & get a blast of exposure directly from the SquarePeep platform itself. 🙂

Now Time For a Reminder!

At SquarePeep we really don’t mind what stuff you post to your profile as long as it doesn’t break the law or go against our Terms of ServiceBUT… That rule doesn’t apply when it comes to profile pictures or cover photos…

We have (and enforce) a strict no-nudity policy with regards to profile pictures & cover photos – so before you go ahead & run your boost just make sure your profile pic is up to standard otherwise it might end up getting removed mid-boost which is something that we wouldn’t want to happen.

Just a friendly reminder, that’s all 🙂

Now go and enjoy a boost!

And stay tuned for some more VERY cool updates coming soon.