Increase Your Earnings With Brand New Bonus Videos!

When we first launched we only provided the ability to share photos – and whilst there are admittedly some amazing photos out there we just couldn’t help but feel like something was missing…

And that something was video!

But fear not it’s missing no more as from now onwards you can share both photos AND videos at SquarePeep! 😁

Yep that’s right, we’ve been busy & now each profile has a “Bonus Videos” section. You can add as many videos as you like to this section but it remains locked from other members until they reveal a square from one of your photos…

Every square they reveal will give them 1 hours unlimited access to all of the videos in your Bonus Videos section…

So if they reveal 3 squares, they get 3 hours access – but after that 3 hours is up the doors are once again closed & they must then reveal more squares once again if they wish to continue watching your videos or get access again in the future.

This is a VERY exciting update for us & we sure hope you are excited about it too! 🙂

How To Upload Videos To SquarePeep

The way you upload a video is pretty much the same as you upload a photo – only instead of “squaring it out” all you’ll need to do is choose your favourite thumbnail & submit it to your profile.

Step 1.

Using the publish post form (shown below) browse for a video on your device that you wish to share:

SquarePeep Publish Post Form

Step 2.

Once the video has finished uploading you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to choose your favourite preview image as shown below:

SquarePeep Choose Preview Image

Step 3.

Once you’ve selected your favourite preview image just hit the “Post Video!” button. After doing that the video will immediately go live on your Bonus Videos page which you can access from your profile.